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I'm looking for gen one exhaust I want 4 into one looking to get rid of the two pipes . I dont want something obnoxiously loud just looking to upgrade I currently have yoshimura slipnons . Just want to know what the options are


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Ahhh..the age old question...whats a TRE. Kiddin'. Ive had them all. If u are not chasing HP it really doesnt matter. They are all lighter,bonus there,most look better,bonus there. Just pick what you like. Some will say this and that,3 HP more or 2 pounds lighter.Blah blah blah. If I did it all over again...first thing I would have asked about is FITMENT. It can be a hassle. All around I may have liked the Hindle the best,cause its Canadian. :thumbsup:
I'll do my best to find you some pics. Sorry,have only 1 or 2 sound bites.

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yes rubber,

how 100% right you are - exhaust changes are initially a matter of personal taste / liking and only after this comes the technology, that is a possible, accompanying performance increase.

this "looking nice" I ! allways describe by a little pictorally history :
question :
"what says the monkey when he bites off a big bite of the piece of soap?"
monkey´s answer :
"simply a matter of my quite personal taste !"

my "doctor´s thesis" (lol) to that theme (here is one again)

two possibilities
a. you just look at the beauty - try what ever you want
b. you want less total weight and if possible increase the performance a little
a. or b. - no matter what ever it may cost (1st lots of money and 2nd perhaps a lot of time at test bench)

4-1 is a must have?
then I only know one that doesn't rob motor power - the akrapovic like the one on the foto of my ´00 gen1.

akra´s diagrams talking something of a plus of up to 10 hp´s without any necessary changes at the bike.

my info is:
akrapovic still sells a similar 4-1 one for the gen2 but this one then is only available without catalysator / lambda connector.
but 1st :
- i think! this one should fit to a gen1 which have "nearly" no restrictions of CO (in germany up to 4.5% is still street legal)
note: I never tested if the assembly is really as easy as I think!

but 2nd :
- the gen2´s street legal maximum in germany CO is 0.3% and this is unreachable with that 4-1 - please remember it has no cat. / no lambda

We in germany need a technical inspection every 2 years for all our vehicles.
if you do not pass this examination, eg. due to wrong, too high co-values, you do not get permission for the next 2 years and the vehicle is off the road. not funny and no joke!

how is this at your home state?

at last all others only look nice (depending on the personal opinion)

this "Shark conic" (from bandit 1200) at my former busa i thought as very nice (because really unique)

but it robbed at last 40 HP (with db-eater in) at over 7000 rpm - provable by a test bench diagram!
then we took out the db-eater and we got back some 35 hp´s, but with resulting arround 110 dezibels.

info : one fault all the 4-1 might have - the last collector leading to the muffler eventually "burns" a bit your RH side panel´s paint to brown.

last but not least - if you only want to increase acceleration (to start race at traffic light) put 2 or 3 (or much more) teeth onto the rear sprocket. the cheapest way.

but then allways try to keep your "horse"´s front down to road - lool -

or you extend the rear swing arm ;)
but :confused: by costs 4 that


Aw man lots of factors i thought it was just a easy swap . So bike needs to be tuned after changing exhaust system?


Just slip ons I wouldn’t bother to tune. Full exhaust , pair, air filter then I would tune. That said, I have all the above and have just not had the money to get it done but I know my bike would benefit in both power and mileage and use ability if I did.

Berlin Germany

Aw man lots of factors i thought it was just a easy swap . So bike needs to be tuned after changing exhaust system?
yes and no ;-)

yes :

look what ssgt wrote - he´s right.
doing a lot of changes use a test bench - this is very suitable / benefitting for the life (and power) of the engine

no 1 :
the only exception is the simple change to a permanent air filter - like K&N, etc. - if no other changes are done!
then the test bench can be omitted (if this change is the only one)

no 2 :
if you don´t look for power at its best forget the test bench and take what ever you want. that´s the easy swap ;-)

little hint :
if backfire occur with a 4-1
while quickly lowering the rpms
only at a Gen I ! (not at Gen II !)
close the short connection tube on the right side of the air box and also the up coming hose.
this disables the "2nd air" system and backfire should be history.
the "2nd air" system itself you can leave where it is.
MY experiances with my "Shark Conic´s" at my black one. ;-)


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No tune required for bolt ons. If sound and loud is what your looking for search for dan motos or D and D. Avoid the voodoo garbage.

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