Gen II exhaust cans in Gen I Help


Hello everyone I have a nice end cans from Gen II busa with link pipes and I want to fit them in to Gen I and here is my question do I need to do any mods to fit ? or just I can swap it straight away
thanks for help cheers.
Not a straight swap.
It has been done.
The muffler mount holes that bolt to the passenger pegs are a couple inches apart between the gen1 and 2.

There's also no gain from doing this, unless you just like the look. Otherwise, your just adding weight.
Hi they are aftermarket blueflame cans not a standart so maybe they fit Im just wonder if link pipes will fit straight away ?
Hi they are aftermarket blueflame cans not a standart so maybe they fit Im just wonder if link pipes will fit straight away ?

So you have bolt-on mufflers then?
Bolt-ons use the factory midpipes, where as slipons have their own midpipes.
The bolt pattern on the front of the muffler(where they bolt to the midpipe)on the gen2 is the mirror image of the gen1.
So putting gen1 bolt-on mufflers on a gen2(or vice versa) requires that they bolt to the opposite sides. So the brand labels will now be on the inside instead of the outside of the muffler.
Another issue can be the muffler mounting hole location, as the mounting hole(that bolts to passenger pegs) is in a fixed location on stock gen1 and 2 mufflers, as well as some aftermarket mufflers. Most aftermarket mufflers have a sliding hanger that can move up and down the muffler, so mounting a muffler from one to the other is a non issue.
If your muffler mount holes are in a fixed location on an aftermarket muffler(like stock), then you'll have to fabricate a small rectangular bracket with a hole in each end in order to reach the mounting holes on the passenger pegs.
If you have slipons (with their own midpipes), they can still be made to work between the gen 1 and 2.
It just depends upon brand and style of mufflers as to how little or much effort it'll take to make them work.

I put gen1 2bros bolt-ons on my gen2. They had sliding muffler hangers, so they just had to be slid up the muffler a couple inches, and the sides the mufflers originally bolted to were swapped.
I also cut several inches out of them for looks.
Notice the damaged looking part on the long muffler, behind the muffler hanger. This is were the muffler hanger was positioned on the gen1, so you can see the difference in the hanger's position between the gen1 and 2. The damage was simply from them being over tightened. I cut the front end of the mufflers shorter so the damaged places were gone.
These are also the stock gen2 midpipes(the brackets for the chrome shields were cut off).
I hope this answers your questions.