Gen II 2010 Died while riding and no wont turn over.

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Hi there,
Just wondering if anyone can give me an idea where to start trouble shooting.. I was riding my bike on the freeway for 20min, went to exit and the bike just died, the dash back light is on but not black parts of the LCD show up.
It wont crank over at all, the headlight and tail light comes on and i hear a relay click on the left near the 30amp fuse but the Fuel pump does not prime. I have tried a new battery and checked the 30amp fuse, what else should i be checking ?



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There's not much info on 2010 Suzuki products here in the States, since most of the line wasn't available to us. However, I think your 2010 Hayabusa would have been included in the big recall of 2011, where Suzuki replaced the regulator/rectifier unit on many of their models. Any Suzuki dealer should be able to look it up and tell you if your bike has had this service completed, in case you aren't the original owner.

I'm no mechanic, but this was my first thought.


id have to lean towards a bad battery. also a rectifier problem,,recently worked on a 2012 that melted the rectifier connector and it quit charging. lol it was covered under warranty,they told him they were replacing the main harness and the rectifier,,those sorry bastids cut the connector out and crimped the wires straight together!!


Start with the basics my friend. What is your battery voltage with the engine not running? Start the bike and rev it up off idle and check it there. Are you charging at the correct rate? !3.5 ish volts?? Is it charging at all? Discharging or maybe overcharging and cooking the battery? I need more info than what you have offered to tell you whats wrong


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Load test the battery, if it's good, check the rectifier, then stator. Obviously make sure all connections and fuses are good.

Have you made any modifications, added anything or changed anything electrical ?


Mine did that and found the battery had gotten drained somehow. Took it to the shop and they charged the bat for a while and problem solved. if that doesn't fix it I would look at the kick stand switch and Rectifier. Good luck

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