Gen 2 stage 1 turbo bike

I have a buddy who had a gen1 stock motor at 6psi
add meth injection and C16 at Loring

I thought one or the other not both ,man you are drowning it

however the bike lived till stolen
Why didn't you build it when you pulled it apart?
If I built the bike I would of built the motor when it was out. but I bought the bike this way. just want to make it work for this summer. this winter I plan on doing the motor so I can get it over the 300 whp mark
No results yet. Bike is still at the shop getting tuned. It's been over a month of bs. I did get a call from him last week. Sounded like it was done and just needed to be test ridden. But never heard back until Friday when he emailed me saying the tune is off just after he tuned it....... going to give it a couple more weeks before I just take the bike back and haul it to somebody that wants my money....
Went to a bike metmet yesterday and he was there doing dyno runs for people. I talked to him in person. What he said he got the bike tuned and ran it hard on the dyno and it was spot on. The next day he took it out on the street and the bike didn't run that great. So he put it back on the dyno and ran it on there and the bike was very lean. So he doesn't know if the map sensor took a shit or if the fuel pump is going bad. He says Monday he will look into it and let me know what's going on.

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