Gen 1 weird rpm signals

2004 hayabusa 1397
Auto tune
Pod 300
Flashed ecu
24 volt start

OK guys when this started I can't remember as I have been fighting this for at less a year now. Was dealing with power commander and no luck. So asking you guys.

When riding my bike at a cruise or at slight throttle I get a weird jerk on the bike. Doesn't happen constant but everytime I ride the bike. I log with the pod 300 and it shows a crazy rpm and then back to normal. On one data line it will show like 15 to 20k rpms but the injectors and afr look normal or close to it. Next data line show's rpm where it should be but the injectors are wide open and afr is rich. Then the next data line is all normal.

So for some reason my bike is getting a weird rpm signal and causes my bike to jerk at a cruise or slight throttle. But does not do it when I am wot doing a pull. I am have been trying hard to figure this out before I bring it somewhere and pay big bucks for it to be solved.

Things I have done.
Unplug the power commander and the bike still does it. Looked at wiring, loose connection, burnt wires, fuses. Just can't wrap my head around it.
As I am writing this iam wondering if crank sensor going bad? But isn't that part of the stator?
Looked on YouTube the other day and say a thing on how to adjust the tps. I put the bike in dealer mode and boom. It showed the tps was out of adjustment. So I messed with it this moring and the laptop. Going to wait for everyone to wake up before I start the bike. I hope this was the problem.
Laptop? are you checking it in dealer mode or through your pcv? In dealer mode at 1150rpm the little line on the dash should be in the middle and your good to go:beerchug:

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