Gen 1 turbo on a gen 2, can it work?


Well I sold my 99 busa today and I still have my gen 1 ghetto turbo kit. Will it work or would it be worth it? Well at least the hot side n turbo setup?
I think the only thing that would be different would be the air box for the tbs. the hot side should match up fine i would think
there are several small fitment issues ,the plenum differences as mentioned and
the up pipe from the gen 1 will need modifying to miss the gen 2 fan and electrical connector, depending on your system you may be able to clock the compressor housing slightly and reposition the connector

if you go ahead i would also replace the fmu with a 1:1 reg and do the 3 bar/editor conversion
Why not just post up the kit on here for sale and use the money to get a Gen2 setup?

I thought of that also but what is it worth and I figured most wouldn't pay a fair value for it.
I know it wouldn't be a direct bolt in on some stuff. I guess adding up the plenum, up pipe etc... Will tell me if its worth it.
I see most used gen1 turbo kits selling around $2000. Now there are some that are maybe a name brand or an actual Complete turbo kit which mite fetch a little more and there is some that has just been pounded into the ground and a ticking time bomb which sell for less...... :whistle:
Your main components are the same, sort of, the turbos supplied by RCC are bigger now than the old t3 super 60 that came with the ghetto, but its still a good turbo to around 300hp on a gen 2

Realy depends on your ability to modify stuff as needed to fit, for me its no big deal, converted a guys gen 1 stg 2 velocity kit to fit his gen 2 only a couple of months ago , but if you don't have the experiance in fabrication and the tools to do it your probably better off selling it or trading it in on the upgrade

Call RCC and see what your costs will be like , i would expect to get $25-2800 for a good condition complete s/h ghetto with pumps, lines, fmu, and pc in a private sale
Call Richard, sometimes he takes used kits in on trade if you purchase another new one from him. It probably wouldn't have you out to much $$ to upgrade.. ;)