Gen 1 problem, check light after crash and wont prime or nothing


I had the unfortune of going down during an 1/8mile event, went down at about 120mph so the bike skid a fair bit on the pavement. Stator cover was ruined(replaced that), clutch lever broke(replaced it), rearsubframe broke and ofcourse the fairings were completely ruined on one side.

I cant seem to figure out what the problem is, the gauge cluster and all lights work when you turn the key but the fuel and heat gauges both show max when you turn the ignition on and the bike is not running. The check light is on. The fuel pump is not priming and the starter button does nothing. I have a pc3 usb and it does not receive power either when i turn the key.

so for ive tried to go over all the wires, checked the 8 fuses that or on the leftside by the ramair. Took the Tip over sensor apart and checked it(looks like its working), tried to go over the clutch lever and the sensor there. The kickstand sensor doesnt look damaged.

very frustrating that i cant seem to find what is wrong. Any suggestions welcome

Thanks in advance
Do this....

Take the PC outa the equation.

Dis-connect the battery,fixed my speedo yesterday doing that.

It whent down on the left side. Did it toast the gear indicator (ECU thinks trans is in gear,even thou it is not).Pump wont prime etc.

Damage to clutch switch?

If you were on the quarter mile,did you have a dead man on...did you damage the kill switch circuitry?

Some thoughts but remember...Rubb dont know shi7. :laugh:

most likely the tip over sensor, is stuck
Tap on it with a screw driver handle lightly
found out the problem finally ! and the bike runs good now

it was the flasher relay, damn thing controls fuel pump, gear position sensor and sidestand sensor etc