Gen 1 hayabusa hot start problems


Well she's alive finally lol.
I just wanted to update everyone on my previous hot start issues,as some dont bother when they have fixed theirs.
I had the typical hot start issues with my bike,and as I have learned ,and all others know it is a mine field of ifs and buts,and coulds and couldn'ts, and it has drove me mad trying all of these theories on the web.

I changed,external fuel pump filters,plugs cleaned and gapped new injectors checked crank gear all good changed battery twice,new stator, new reg rec, and nothing,upgraded the starter motor to heavy duty one,and it works like a treat. I want to thank mr brown,kiwi rider,and many others for their help with potential causes.I completed the work all by myself, a non mechanical engineer. It now starts hot and old,no drama also pulls better.I also fitted new radiator and oil cooler,and updated all brakes,with new coiled hoses and pads,and work like a monster.
So thank you all for your advice.

Happy rider



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