gen 1 external fuel pump


I need pictures of a gen 1 pump set up I have it set up now and it jumps all over |I have a walbro pump and a fuelab regulator please help:(
Maybe you should post some pics of your setup and explain your bike and setup in a little more detail and maybe somebody could help :whistle:
You said in your 1st post that it's jumping all over the place and you need help figuring it out and that you want pics... so if you haven't done anything yet how is it jumping all over the place as you stated in your vague description?? Again I reiterate that you need to contribute more detail towards your bike ie: year, mods, pics etc.

You just can't post help my bike isn't running right post some pics.... That's not how you trouble shoot.
Don't bother murderedout07.... this guy doesn't want help :banghead: he isn't giving no information on his bike or how it's setup. No pics or details. I told him what the RIGHT way to go about solving his problem but he continues to attempt it his way and you see how well its working out 4 him :whistle:
come on there has to be some one out there that can help me

Not knowing what you have can make it difficult to recommend or suggest a solution. If your fuel rail has access "IN" and "OUT", here is one way: run fuel line from your fuel tank to an external filter; from this filter to your external pump; from the pump to one side of your fuel rail; out the other side of your fuel rail to a regulator; out of the regulator back to the fuel tank. Set your idling fuel pressure to 42-43 lbs, check for leaks, get it tuned:laugh:
thanks powerhouse,the rail has only one inlet

Run your fuel supply from the tank to the fuel filter; from the filter to the fuel pump; from the pump to your regulator; from the regulator to your one fuel rail inlet; run a return from the fuel regulator to the fuel tank. This is called a "deadend" or returnless type of system, which in reality still needs some kind of bypass or return to work properly. Set your idling fuel pressure to 42-43 pounds, get it tuned . . .:laugh: