Gen 1 exhaust anatomy

Hello all, in the process of purchasing an '05 Busa. One of the first mods I'm going to make is to the exhaust cans. I'm probably one of the few individuals who actually likes the sound of the stock exhaust and I want to keep them and shorten them only for visual reasons. They are simply too damn big. Lol. I had a ZX14 that I modded with Delkevic slip ons and within 2 months I put the stock cans back on because they were too loud. Yeah, I know, I'm weird. I've already searched and found plenty of info on the process of shortening them.

Now to the point. Does anyone have pics of the "innards" of the gen 1 exhaust cans? I'm looking for someone who has actually cut them open and has detailed pics of the layout. I've been searching but have only found the gen 2 info. Hopefully if the pics are detailed enough, I won't have to buy an extra exhaust can to cut up for research purposes.
Welcome mate , and good luck with your mission . I must confess , I am one of the bike owners with a loud on the throttle exhaust , and everytime I see the law , looking at me while I'm out riding because of making excess noise , well I also feel an urgent want and need for quiet , even stealth exhaust !! Smart from the start , good attitude mate , I like it !! :beerchug:
Yeah I've seen the Australian one and thanks. I want to keep my bike as close to stock as possible. The peeps at Suzuki spent millions of dollars and many hours getting this street legal bike to come close to 200 mph. That's no small feat. I intend to see just how fast mine will get up to...safely. Also I think it's an absolutely beautiful bike in it's stock form, of course minus the monstrous tree trunk exhaust cans. LOL. While I want to decrease the size of the stock cans, I want to keep as much of the stock performance as possible so my tradeoff will always lean towards function over form.


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There IS a gen1 muffler shortening thread on here from wayyyy back.
Good luck finding it.
If you want quiet performance, Akropovic with the baffles in is barely louder than stock.
Once you remove one of the internal chambers in the stock muffler, from cutting it shorter, it will be louder than the Akropovic.
I have personally shortened gen2 stock mufflers too.
There is also no packing in stock mufflers, all are just 3 chambers connected by small pipe.
I've seen that thread as well. I think I'll just buy a can and dissect it. De-constructing is always fun.
If you are still interested in doing this mod to your bike, I still have two factory mufflers from my old Gen 1 you can have. Just have to figure out getting them to you.
I did it years ago on my 00 and it sounded pretty decent. Grind the spot welds off the end cap bolts, unscrew them remove cap. Underneath is 2 stand offs for caps. Cut inside of those and pull that along with tube. Then inside, the baffles are spot welding, long screwdriver and hammer will pop those and then you can pull guts out leaving a hollow shell, with some insulation around the outside perimeter. Screw cap back on the end onto the standoffs you left on when cutting out the inner tube. There you have it.

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