Gen 1 died, won't start. Fuel pump won't prime


05 with 62l and a pc3. I was riding home last weekend, and thought i smelled a little burning smell. When I shut it off, it wouldn't restart. I replaced the battery (it was actually deformed a little) The fuel pump relay was making a clicking sound, so I replaced that as well. Bike started fine after I put a new battery in, so I checked the rectifier, and it was overcharging. I replaced that, and things seemed to be ok. I put bike back together, and noticed I didn't have headlights. Both bulbs had burnt out, so I replaced both of those as well, along with a flasher relay. It had been started/shut off probably 20x today, with no issues. I went for a test ride, and it started fine. Headed out on the road, and it rode normally... Within about 60 seconds, it just died, and now won't restart.

So, NOW.. I have it in neutral, kill switch on, and when I turn the key on, the gauges go like normal, Oil light goes on/stays on like it should. Neutral light is on like it should, FI light goes on for a couple seconds, then shuts off. (I Thought it was supposed to stay on till I hit the starter, but I don't remember) Temp gauge goes to HOT, then cools back down. Couples seconds later, it goes back to HOT again. The fuel pump doesn't prime at all, and it won't even attempt to crank. (battery is charged) My odometer shows normally, and the clock shows CHECK.

As it sits now, I disconnected the PC3 and put it back how it originally was.
So, where do I start now? What are the usual, and easy things to check. I'm pretty good at mechanical stuff, but I absolutely hate electrical stuff, so you might have to walk me through any electrical type things.

Thanks for any tips/advice


If the fuel pump is original it is probably toast if it wont prime. Check the power to the fuel pump and if correct take it out of the tank and replace ALL filters and the internal fuel pump. There is a recent write up with pics on the forum.



Before I went to bed last night, I tried doing the paper clip diagnostic thing, but it won't show me anything.
All fuses in the front are showing as good.
Also, I noticed the tip over sensor wasn't getting any power. (not so good at electrical, but my logic says one of those wires in the harness should be getting some type of power) Having someone come over who is better at electrical stuff.

I'm thinking that I'm still having electrical issues. When the regulator started over charging, I'm thinking maybe it melted some wires, so going to have him go that route. (which also happens to be the free route) before replacing the fuel pump/filters.

Also, anyone have a current link to the service manual pdf? All the links I keep finding are outdated. I'll keep posting updates as I go.


So, whatever is wrong, is beyond my abilities I believe. I think it blew another fuel pump relay. I can jump the connection, and hear it prime. Can jump the starter relay, and it turns over. I think, when the regulator started overcharging, it melted some wires. Sadly, being physically disabled, I must admit I don't have the ability to test every relay, run down every wire. It would take me way too long, as every time I work on it for an hour or so, I have at least 2 days recovery.

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