Gen 1 busa turbo best clutch set up


I will be running about 8 lbs of boost and mostly riding it on the street and taking to track maybe a few times in the year. I have heard allot about Brock's clutch mod being a good product, any thoughts or suggestions?
As far as springs, obviously I will go with something heavier, have heard of some people replacing only half the clutch springs with heavy and leaving other half stock, thoughts on that?
As far as a complete steel and fibers clutch pack, what have you guys been the happiest with. MPS racing carries the Trac King packs, anyone use them before?

Thanks for your input


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If you don't have it, make sure you get a heavy duty clutch slave cover thingy :poke:



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Like said above if you...and you should get heavy duty springs...replace the slave cyl cover or get a brace for it. It seems most people recommend using stock steels and fibers. You can buy the brocks clutch part or weld the stock one...(2 pcs)...I'm not sure if you need it but while you have the clutch apart you could swap the oil pump drive gear with a high volume ratio gear


You can either put heavy springs in it, or you could go with a single stage lockup if you like having a lite pull on the clutch lever. Either way, be sure to use some sort of support on your clutch clave cylinder on teh sprocket cover to prevent cracking it.

As for the fibers / steels, there are a few options out there that are all pretty much the same and likely sourced from KG Clutch Factory that are comparable to OEM. That said, Suzuki have recently rastically reduced the price on a complete clutch pack for the hayabusa. Unless they are worn, glazed, or warped, you likely won't have to replace the clutch plates/fibers.



NLR boost compensated lockup


Absolutely, Easy to work with when you drive in heavy traffic in the city. And i looks good too :)