Gen 1 and Gen 2 exhaust swap


I`m sure I read on here a while ago that a Gen 2 exhaust can fit on a Gen 1 (and vice versa) buy swapping the left and right mid pipe so it`s upside down.

Just trying to find out for sure if it`s been done before. Thanks for the help.


i have swap the slip ons on between the 07 (Gen I) and my 2010 (Gen II) a few times, there is no need to reverse the midpipes.. how ever if memory serves me right, yuo need to remove the midpipes sleeves from teh header/midpipes so the gen 1 stocker can fit the gen II. from my previous post
" talking about hotbodies short exhaust;
Had them on the gen I and the Gen II. Quick not for GEN II:
1. Make sure that your stock exhuast sleaves are not on the header.
"As i look on the pic to me it apears that the sleave that goes on the stock header/shock midpipe to get a good seal are still on the header.
I found this interesting when I did the Hotbodies on the gen II, I had the sleve/collar on the right midpipe and on the left side it stayed on the header, it's all on how you wigle the stck exhuast when you pull it off that makes them stick to the header.
USE a flat tip screw driver and pull the collar of the header and the pipes will slide all the way in and there on't be much of a clearance issue."

Good luck. let us know if that helps


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