gen 1 1397 map


Does anyone have a map for 1397 making 205 to 215ish with stock fuel pump
Just looking for something to keep me running so I can put a 100 miles on it before I go to the dyno any help would be much appreciated
pm Goldenchild

Yeah I don't send out maps I build, Sorry.. I never put miles on a fresh motor without heat cycles and some dyno breakin, before the real dyno session, cause you don't know what your motor really wants till you dyno it.. I build them, put bike on dyno, break in with heat cycles, install my base map and start tuning... You don't need to put miles on a bike with someone else's tune, you stand more of a chance being lean and having serious issues as no two motors, fuel systems are the same.. This is why I don't send maps out, I would be to blame if you had an issue..I rather you call me a azz for not sending them out, than have my name destroyed with a few clicks on the net for you blowing up your bike because of differences in tune/setup...
Nah I wouldn't blame u but I understand where your conning from but for Mr I've always done it this way ride it for about 100 miles get it tuned I just lost all my maps when my pc crashed and the 184 hp map I have now can't keep bike running below 2000rpm. With that being said I have no hard feelings thanks anyways!
Sorry - my map is an ECU map - baselined on the dyno, perfected at the 1/4!

I had to take my fresh 1397 to the dyno with nothing but the stock map (and a dead PC5!) nothing wrong with a dyno break-in as long as they know that and start out easy to build the map from idle.