Gel gloves


I'm thinking that for longer rides, gel gloves might not be a bad idea. Does anybody have any recommendations? I'm also thinking about a decent track glove and would welcome any advice.
i have never had gel gloves before. but i can tell you that the alpinestars sp-1 is an awsome track glove the fit is perfect(for me) and they are very durable and you cant beat the price for a top of the line track glove.i would have got the gp plus but they were not in stock and i needed gloves right away. i am kinda glad they wernt.
Olympia gloves are crap. They literally fall apart after one season.

Don't know what other brand gel gloves are available, but that's one you might scratch off the list.
I have yet to purchase any high dollar gloves I have a pair of Teknic ( Aquaslim ) $70 that are ok they have a gel pad on them there suppose to be water proof but are not. I also have Olympia gel ( Junk ) and my favorite gloves are Joe Rocket Phoenix $50 very comfortable , vented, reflective and have a carbon type knuckle protectors no gel though. I used bicycle gloves for the gel before but they really provide little or no protection in a crash.