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I'm buying one for me and the wife. what do you guys think about the datatool gear indicator for $79.95 the only cons i see is red display only and has to be wired in which is not a problem for me at all here is a link on it

Datatool DiGi Digital Gear Indicator - Indysuperbikes

Want to stay cheap as i dont need a tre cuz i already have one and we can each get one for the price of a gi-pro.


I installed one on my ZX12 and it does function as a basic gear indicator except when your bike stops, unlike GiPro on my Busa - it just displays "-" because the way it works is by calculating the RPM and speedo to arrive at which gear you're in. Due to this, the indicator is not accurate at a very slow speed but you can always retrain it which is also pain in the neck. If installation time is not an issue then it's OK for the price but again no comparion to GiPro which not only has ATRE and accurate reading but installation is also can be done in just a snap. If you have the luxury to have a side by side comparion, you would go for GiPro - I did - especially for my baby... My 2 cents.
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