Gayla's Salsa recipe


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Some people at Eureka asked for this recipe. I know this is not the food network. So please don't ban me Dougie (aka Short Circuit) :bowdown::bowdown: Thanks Gayla (aka Mrs. Trekkie)

Gayla's Salsa Recipe

3 to 4 tomatoes diced
3 to 4 green onions diced
1 small can of chopped black olives
1 can of Rotel
1 cup of salsa
2 TBS of vinegar
2 TSB of oil
Garlic Salt to taste

Mix together and serve with chips. Enjoy. :thumbsup:

Jay Willie

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Berry, berry good! And the corn/bean salad whatever.....oh, yeah! Me likie alot!

Thanks for the recipe, Steve! Compliments to the chef! :thumbsup: :beerchug:


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Boy.. Does that ever sound good.
Thanks for the reciepe, I'll be trying soon, with the addition of 3 to 4 freshly diced Jalapeño's.
Gots my mouth a watering, comeon vegetable, thanks again!!


Gear good - roadrash bad
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hey I want a sample before I go making this stuff... what time is dinner?

Probably Cap's house will be the next time we see you.

We are already talking about a trip back to Eureka in OCT.

We have only scratched the surface on the roads to explore. :cheerleader:

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