Gas tank


any link to that tank ?

I would also like to have more fuel on my ´00

here some pics of welding a gas tank for a gen1 (.de - forum member´s pics)
enlarging a standard 21 liters to 30 liters (~ 7.9 gal)
plus different pump flange (he owns i think a ´00 busa and wanted to change to internal pump)
(tons of work and a pretty good plumber and tig welder necessary)

cutting / suiting / welding
View attachment 1610462

pump connection flange (of a ´01-´07 ? - i think so)
View attachment 1610466

ready at the bike - look to front end - it is a bit higher now
View attachment 1610464

the whole bike
View attachment 1610465

View attachment 1610463
Nice work on that tank. Here is the link: Yoshimura product site : GSX1300R HAYABUSA(08-12) - ALUMINUM FUEL TANK

Mr Brown

HI. My goal is to go over 250 MPH with 100% street legal bike, but would be very very happy to go 278.6 MPH Bill Warner s old record. That is why the RCC turbo 1000HP kit modified by DME. I just bought a DME mechanical fuel pump for $925.00 so I can use VP M1 or M5 Methanol. I may even spike it with 50% nitromethane!
I'd imagine your rods would NOT be happy with a 50% nitro mix!
I'd imagine your rods would NOT be happy with a 50% nitro mix!
Hi My friend runs a tractor pull rig [ the ones with the 6 ft tall tiers ] He runs a Mopar 440 punched out to 500+ ci he runs 50/50 mix methanol/nitro has ran it for 10+ yrs. I am not running off the shelf Carrillo rods the are custom made. I would start very slow with the % like 5% ,but not sure if I will even try that, I will have to see how it all goes. I hope I can put the power to the ground. I have seen tire spin at 220 MPH.

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