gas tank swapping between years?

so, this doesn't really apply to me, because i have a 2000, but was curios if you could take a 2003 (for instance) that has an INtank fuel pump, and put swap a 99/00 tank.

the reason is so that you could use the fuel gauge when adding a turbo, since the stock pump is eliminated. obviously you can put the tanks from whatever year to another, but wanting to know if you could still make the fuel gauge work from year to year.
so are you asking if you can put a 03 tank on a 00 bike? i did that by cutting the plate out of a POS 00 tank which contained the sending unit and petcock and welded it to a 04 tank after cutting the same size hole out of it.


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I changed EVERYTHING, IE the engine,ECM,harness,Throttle bodies,fuels system,the whole enchilada! The tank from the newer bikes is shorter,poses a few subtle problems, but they are easily overcome.


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anything between 01 to date can be swapped out.

I have an 05 tank on my 01 no problems swapping them out (except getting the fuel out)

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