Gas tank protection


I am going up to Chicage Cycle Center tomorrow to pick up my new 2002 and would like to know what you experienced folks out there recommend to protect the tak from belt buckles and stuff. I think that the tank bra covers up too much and am not sure that a carbon look stick-on would look nice on a silver/silver bike. What do you suggest and where can I go to see pics???? thanks!!!


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I have a tank Bra on mine and I would not have anything else. It only covers the part of the tank that would get scratched from your buttons or zippers on your pants and the part where your legs touch the tank when tucked...


I have a chrome stick on, looks real good on my bike and it dosen't cover the tank..Bra's are nice if you live in town and don't get alot of dust..Dust tends to scratch the paint while the bra is on..thats just my 2 cents


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Ive got a tank bra that is color matched to the two tone colors of the bike, copper and silver, it looks good and it protects from the zippers and belts that would scratch the tank, its nice!!


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My tank bra on the ZX6 left scratches on my tank too. I am gonna go with a clear adhesive tank protector $16.00 at my local cycle shop.



Suzuki has a really nice tank bra with the carbon fiber look. If you like the look of carbon fiber go with that. 39 dollars from suzuki. I had the chrome stick on but it didn't fit well or last very long. If you get the tank bra on tight you won't get dust underneath. I have had a bra on my zx11 for about 10 years with no scratching of the paint, and I live in Arizona the dust capital of the world...........................................
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