Gas tank Compatibility

I have a 2000 blue and silver busa that I laid down a few weeks ago. The search for parts has been nothing less than a crazy journey all over the country via internet, searching craigslists and Ebay. The bike is old with 44000 miles, but it is still in excellent mechanical shape. Question one is: Which gas tanks from 1999 thru 2007 are not compatible? I also found an entire set of 03 plastics which I hope will just bolt on, but that takes us to question two: Do all 99 - 07 plastics fit each different year of bike. If the bike were newer I would go with original factory parts, but we all know what they want for these pieces. If someone could help me with an answer that would be cool.


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Only 99 and 00 tanks will bolt up due to the fuel pump being external IIRC. There are a few write ups of mods to make a newer tank work with an intank fuel pump. So if you are mechanically handy and the writeups sound doable to you, you are good to go. Also to my understanding....all plastics on Gen 1 will fit all other gen 1s

Good luck :beerchug:

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