Gas Prices

For me it's not as much as what I pay for gas, it's how much it varies day to day. A month ago it was $2.61, a week later $2.89, another week and it's $2.98, today it's dropped back to $2.61. I've seen gas prices change 3 times in 1 day here....Can you imagine if all businesses moved their prices that much?

For all of our overseas friends. How much of those high gas prices are taxes?
Near half tax over here in Aussie , supposed to go on road infrastructure / maintenance , but that gets diverted to other poop mostly . Plus we used to get petroleum through the US many years ago (not sure of dates etc. ) , since then though we get it through Asia , and man we get shafted big time from that direction . Arabs are of course at the very top of the chain , can't see any of their chiefs ever doing us a favor .
Of course you would expect to be fleeced by everyone involved , for their part of the petroleum's jouney to your country , but to be rorted as well , by your own government , really , that truly sucks the big one . :mad:
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