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need a little help since installing the street meagphone exhaust ,the air box mod the power commander pc3usb with the O27b track map,and the pair block off kit , everything else is stock my gas mileage has gone down from 39 to 34 to 33 now to 32.8 and seems to keep getting worse and seems to be down on power also any help would be appreciated thanks c.t


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Mine has decreased also , since the exhaust mods ....Went from upper 30's to lower 30's . And I was thinking maybe it's just me trying to goose it all the time to hear that great new exhaust .


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Maybe ... and I mean MAYBE ... its because since the bike is taking in more air due to the airbox mod, the PC's map has programmed the bike to spit out more gas to keep it from running lean. I'm saying "maybe" because I can't think of anything else.

I have Brock's Gen3 exhaust and run it with the track map. I have not lost any MPG since installing it, so I'm not sure what's going on with your bike. And you say you've lost power ... ? Where? If it's 3000rpm and under, I have as well. But anything above that and the stock power is there and then some.

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BDE, air box mod, pair valve....I'm down to 33....I was at over 43. It all happened overnight. Nobody to blame but myself.


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Mine is down to 33 or 34 as well....with lots of mods. I can get 40 or more if Im REALLY easy on lotsa riding in 6th around 45-50 mph. And if you google failure you get Michael Moore's website. Funny.


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(BK24 @ Oct. 21 2006,13:48) Im 63, 250. Ill pay 5mpg to not have a backache the day after a ride.
I get about 35 highway.
I don't usually ride in a tuck (just very windy days, or, when I am riding too fast ;-). I just was performing an experiment relating to gas mileage.


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Well i guess 43.7 isn't anything to worry about! But B 4 my Po'mans T/B sync it was getting 44 and on the trips to Asheville 700m 1 way it got 48. Zuki sets #1 & 2 cyl to idle lean to get past EPA stuff i think. Anyone know for sure? It idles strong now with no stalling even @ 1K idle RPM. You can hear all 4 cyl firing now and the 4500rpm buzz is less!

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