Gas mileage


im wondering if my computer is messed up........i did around 90 all the way home .......from vegas its a 202 mile trip.....and my display said 48.6 miles per gallon ,has anyone else had such high #s....i was running 89 octain in it....and shes an just curious......thanx
I have had 50 mpg before, I had just the right conditions, and I did not run full throttle.
i was pulling about 45mpg with a constant run of about 85mph. Drops to about 35 with a constant of 100mph.
But have you compared the mileage the Busa says it's getting to how much gas you pump and how many miles you go? My 1999 typically shows mileage in the low to mid 40s, but when I calculate how many miles I went for the gallons I pumped, it's really (and consistently) about 30 mpg.
thanx last reply helped if anyone is out in southern cali thiers a road called kelso.....smooth straight one slight hill but enough didatance top your busa............its a rush...........i couldnt belive i had the balls but.......i just ordred an i think my bike in for a shock hehehee semper fi......
yes 50.0 mpg is easy to do on stock 2001, do it all the time crusing to work 92miles round trip, 80% interstate @ 80-90mph indicated. Plus a little fooling around with speed. Verified it at gas pump, yes i know speedo is aprox 7% off, even so
The more you twist RPM the lower the mpg
Normal range is about 34 to 48 mpg but tire(mpg) sucks
My 99 Busa, 24,000 mi, with a Yosh RS3 pipe and remapped computer shows 35-38 mpg on my daily 50 mile each way trips to work, if I keep it under 100 mph. GR2 Georgia
I average about 40 -45 mpg depending on usage that's about 9.5 - 10 miles to the litre or 33 - 35 miles per US gallon.
Did a 355 mile ride the other day....cruised @ 75 indicated..
went 123 miles "indicated"..pumped in 1.987 gallons "actual"
..hmmm...not bad..throttle barely cracked at that speed..
Have tre..5th gear map..lots of timing advance..lots of power.
minimal throttle required....this is the only bike i will ever own from now about you..???
Yep, can't think of a different bike that I would own, and I ahve had many.