Gas Milage


I have noticed that the longer I have had my bike the lower the gas milage it is getting. When I first got it I could usually get around 37 or so but now I am getting 31 or 32. Is there anything wrong with these numbers or am I just sucking up the gas as I get used to rideing her harder. I have an 03 Silver/Gray (fastest) bike. Only mods being a TRE and a Pair mod. I switch between premium and regular gas depending on how much Is in my pocket that day. I live in Lower Alabama so it is around 80 to 90 hear and pretty close to sea level. Let me know what everyone else is seeing and if there is a problem with my numbers what might it be?:super:

:devil: kels :devil: the :newbie:
With a corrected speedometer I'm averaging around 30 miles to the gallon! This really depends on a whole bunch of individual factors, but probably shouldn't fluctuate more than 3-5 mpg.......
at around 3000 I saw 49.9* on the highway, in town now I see 30 - 37 VERY dependant on how I ride.  I've dipped as low as 28 in 1st on the freeway at 80ish jsut messing around.
Personally, I feel my slightly dropping milage is inproportion to my confidence increasing on throttle twisting.  Try riding like a docile newbie again and see if that helps... if that's even possible.  :)

*all numbers reflected by a standard Busa-mile speedo