Gas leak at fuel rail and injector

Mr Droo

So, I've been putting on some decent miles since I picked up my '05 a few months ago. It has 4,7XX miles on it. At a stop light yesterday, I notice a strong smell of fuel. I get to the nearest parking lot and look underneath. Nothing. I turn the bike on and look underneath. It's dripping fuel. I'm only a mile away from home, so I ride it gingerly back.

When I lifted the tank up and turned the key, the injector on the left side SPRAYS fuel. I had taken the injectors out a few weeks ago to see what they looked like (general knowledge and if they were dirty). I tightened the bolt down pretty good when I put it back together, but I got a wrench in there and tightened it a bit more. It appeared to stop spraying, and I went on a 15 minute ride and didn't smell fuel anymore.

Coming out this morning, there was a small puddle of fuel underneath the bike, so I put the tank up again and it is leaking again, not spraying. I loosened the bolt up a bit and started it. Leaky leaky. I don't want to over tighten the bolt. It's leaking/spraying around where the rubber and the plastic fuel rail meet. None of the other three injectors are leaking.

What should I do?


Mr. January
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Damn, isnt this the bike everyone warned you not to buy? Sorry, I dont have an answer.


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you pinched rubber oring on the top of injector probably..send pm with address will send you one.put a little grease on it when you install it..

Mr Bogus

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should never reuse those o-rings unless you know they were new to start with.. $2 savings turns into total loss.... btw, pulling them out to inspect them is exactly the wrong thing to do... you can tell nothing about one with it on the bench or laying in your hand and in fact can do nothing but cause you other problems or even plug one up that was fine..

the ONLY decent way a guy can really check his own (and this is half-assed) is with a timing light.. I would leave this stuff to the pro's if you do not know what you are doing.. the costs of errors can be pretty dreadful..

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