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I drive 100 miles a day round trip to work, so it adds up. I drive a honda civic back and forth to work, and it gets pretty good mileage, but it still adds up. Higher gas prices, means I cut back on other stuff like shopping and vacations.


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company gas card for me and the family , I stopped keepin track ! 55miles each way to work. fill the bikes quad dirtbikes lawn mowers boat jet ski , it works out realy nice ! beerchug.gif


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Your poll doesn't cover what i spend! Well maybe weekly! LOL


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Put $91.00 in the E250 this morning and I'm already down to half a tank. $300 a week easy for just that vehicle. Luckily it all goes on the company gas card. As an added bonus those Speedway reward points add up real fast.


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Rural VT in winter .

Huh, lets see.

30 to 50 miles to go anywhere one way.

8-12 mpg + 20:1 synthetic oil feed for the sled, 50 -80 bucks a day about.

Van or SUV usage not as bad $$$ wise, but not nearly as fun I must add.

So I can not vote cause I spend way more than your 250 a month.

More like that per week.

No wonder I can't afford any meals or drinks out anymore.

Time to batten down the hatches and start saving for the tires the Busa is going to be eating up this season.

big jim

Driving a Chevy 2500 HD with a big 6.0 motor, an F150, 4 ATV's, 2 dirtbikes, and the Busa I usually spend about 700 per month. firedevil.gif firedevil.gif firedevil.gif




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If the wife and I carpool we can get by for $300 a month. If not it more than doubles when I drive the pickup. Damn hemi gets 12 in the city and 13 on the highway.


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between me and the girlfriend, the gas bill for just my two trucks is around 1000 a month (gf is about 800)

if you factor in what I spend weekly on rental cars ... tack another 300-500 a month depending on where I get sent wowold.gif


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over 250.00 a month at 80 miles round trip a day
I didn't even add the wifes gas expense. Plus I
usually don't drive mine at all on weekends. A
2001 Chevy Tahoe w a 5.3 V8. Can't afford to drive
the Regal at all got a worked up Olds 350 Rocket
gets 10 miles a gallon


I'm right at about $450-500 a month for just my daily driver truck. During the summer with trackdays, it's about $250 a weekend for bike and truck. You should have a poll on bike tires. I spend about $3-4K a year in bike tires alone.......

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I ride my bike(s) every day to work unless it is raining when I start for work. i use my Toyota Tacoma on weekends to run errands and to take the Missus out to eat


Bike every day unless I have to ride in the cage.. takes about 11 dollars to fill the bike and i can go all week on that.

The shop truck is a 7.3 diesel that has been wroked over for more power. I get about 8 miles to the gallon out of it.

my personal trucxk is a Ford Ranger with a 2.3 4cyl in it, it does pretty well, takes aobut 45 to fill it.

Wife drive a Dodge Dakota with a v-8 and gets 14 miles to the gallon no matter what...

Not sure what we pay per mon th since we try to use cash as much as we can.


I drive a 2003 Dodge Ram. At best it gets 15MPG.

My wife drives a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee. As a general rule it runs an 18MPH average. Between the two of us driving all the time we spend on gas each month what some people pay in car payments.


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I drive a V8 Discovery and the wife a V8 Jaguar we are both green thinking Europeans laugh.gif Good thing is not far to drive, so only about 200€ ($300) for me and £200 ($400) for my dear wife.


dam dot want sound a like a liberal but dam some need to move closer to work and get rid of the SUV. got rid of my 10mpg camaro over 3 years ago guns.gif $3.50gallon 305 4bb with some mods laugh.gif maybe 8mpg shutup.gif

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