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Ok guys and gals i'm a bit stumped at this point. I've had my bike apart now for about 5-6 weeks awaiting my plasti-dip to arrive from the states (which it never did) as well as install a few other little things. During this time I installed HID high's and low's, soupy's spaces, lowering links, comp werkes fender eliminator(that was a PIA), T-rex frame sliders, integrated tail light, shorty levers, etc etc. Well I finally had enough of waiting to i threw on a set of knock-off fairings that came with the bike when i purchased it. (not sure of the brand but fitment kinda sucked). Anyways, I finally finished putting it back together this morning and took it for a short ride. On initial start up all seemed just fine but after about 3-5 minutes of riding my gas gauge went straight up wayyy past the FULL mark. Now it only has about 3/4 of a tank of gas in it right now. I shut it off, turned it back on and all the gauges did their sweep and returned to the default position. The gas needle settled right at the 3/4 spot once again and a few minutes of riding it went back up to past FULL. Has anyone seen this?


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Yes, enjoy the HIDs :laugh: No, the Gen I needed help. Hopefully you can get it squared away. There was also an issue with ballast due to the headlamp turning on and off and back on during start up.


are you referring to the "flickering"? i have that too but it goes out after a few seconds. i couldn't imagine the ballasts causing interference. I have the ballasts mounted on the right side which is opposite of the gas gauge but i'll give it a shot.

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