Fuse issue gen2


My instrument panel is out. The only thing that works is the clock and the high beam indicator. The lights work. Nothing else is working including turn signals. I removed the panel and checked the plug into the back and that wasn't loose. It was very tight. I also checked the battery terminals and they were tight. I deduce it's a fuse. What do you guys think?
One other thing, has the bike been down on the kickstand side, vandalized, stolen ?
never down. attempted robbery but failed. They got the rear axle out and got caught
It is very likely you got a short in the tail section signals or which is even more likely in the license plate light. The 10A fuse for signals is probably blown. You gotta get to the fuses (upper left black panel). IIRC, it's the left fuse in the 2nd row. Remove the tail section plastics and inspect the license plate light connections and others.

snbusa had exactly your issues. You can find his post about a week or so ago.