Funny motorcycle pictures



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:welcome:, leave it to somebody in the show-me state to completely fug-up an otherwise really nice Hardly-Driven. I'll bet his 60 to 0 stopping distance is no farther than the car that just pulled out in front of him:laugh:
The poor bike it the first pic. need's a rear spring.
The poor wheel in the next one need's a bike.
The third one is cool. just keep boring bee's away.
The poor guy in the last one need's some new bar's
That is a Looooooong front brake hose!
im thinkin pic number one was the guys solution to getting his bike to wheelie easier
the last picture will get you a ticket...its against the law to have your bars that height, I believe here your hands cannot be above your shoulders @ all:rulez:
every time I see that last pic, I get sweaty palms.... gotta wonder how many miles he got before becoming "road paste"