It's you turn to give people a laugh and get these stories going. Lets beat LABUSA's website to get more riders on this site.

Yuo know it makes sense!!

I would not want to explain any mishaps with my Busa, and i don't think i could get myself to think of it as funny.
Well maybe there was that one time that I....
Well, I dont' know if this counts, but typically I feel pretty bad ass when I pull up to a light.

One day, I pull up next to a pretty hot chic in her car. I don't know if she's watching, but I assume so, so I'm kinda chillin' and styilin', you know... body language (I know, laugh away). Well, I got distracted checking her out and almost lost balance on my bike...just sitting there. I kind of jolted because it surprised me.

I was in no postition to actually let it fall, but it startled me and I felt like I jumped to save it...

Ok, maybe not really funny, but I felt stupid after acting all bad and almost dropping the damn thing.
Its not too funny but I went to the NJ bike fest last year and was about to leave, got the tank bag on ,put my leathers on, there were a lot of people around checking out the BUSA.Then,I take the BUSA off the centerstand and the crowd says" hold up hold up your U-Lock is on"I take the lock off feeling like a fool,then the crowd says" hold up hold up again you have a flat tire" now I'm pissed feeling like a bigger fool.I just sheared off my valve stem. There were a lot of bike shop vendors there who would put the stem in ,they had the equiptment but no valve stem.It was Sunday I was SOL now,I have to call my wife to bring the trailer she's 7mo's pregnant too make a long story long That the longest ride home I ever had.It SUCKED!
been there and done that....

done it while sittin with a big group of friends still feel like a idiot.
Pulled into the gas station and shut it down with the thumb kill. Not thinking I pull the key and reach into my back pocket for the ol' card. I'm fightin the wallet from the leathers and start to lean her onto the stand ...........DOH!
the stand ain't down! Almost left my face print in the side of the pump. Crunched my juevos but saved the bike !
Didn't even look around to see who was laughing. .......Gas and Go! ...........What a schmutz..........

Always kill it at the pump with the stand now.......... :hammerhead:
On my sons Magna 700, dressed in a suit (with coat), sunglasses on looking real cool, go to a meeting and get off the bike in the parking lot... Only one prob, kickstand was not down. Can you say stupid!
I pulled into the parking lot at work a little late back from lunch, in a hurry. We park the bikes by the security booth at the main gate and the security guard in there sees me park and then didn't see me at all. I got off quickly, didn't have the kickstand down and the bike '93 GSXR 750 fell against me, knocking me over and pinning my foot under it. I had steel toed shoes on, no damage to me. But I couldn't get the bike off of me and the security guard had to come over and pick it up. Now I look down at the kickstand EVERY time I put it down.
OK bad habit but when I come to a stop I shut my bike off by putting the stand down then I rock the bike whichever way the small hill might be back or forward and give the stand a light kick to be sure it wont rock off I even put the stand down sometimes just before I come to a stop dragging it an inch or 2 probably not a good habit but I have never left the stand up although staring at a woaman once on the side of the road making eye contact all that stuff I looked back where I was headed to find a tractor with no trailer stopped in front of me at the light skidded to a stop right between the frame rail didnt hit him but didnt bother to stop and get a date either LOL
When I was in college, my roommate and I went to Florida for Spring Break. On the way back, the Austin Mini 850 swallows a valve in Georgia, and we limp back to Canada taking about 2 full days to do it, driving with no sleep, and arriving at 5am.

I have an important assignment due to a prof that day, so I get on the bike and ride to the college. Park the bike, go in through a series of hallways and doorways to the class where the prof is. Got all these funny looks all the way there, and again all the way back through the building to the bike.

When I get back to the bike, realize I'm so tired that I forgot to take my fullcoverage helmet off, and wore it all the way in and back.

The professor must have figured I was REALLY expecting flack on that paper!
I was out on my Busa the other week. Going a bit rad on some country lanes, went over a hump back bridge and you wouldn't believe it, a cop with a radar on a Pan European. He pulled me in and said" Good afternoon sir, What job do you do, then?"
Not really knowing what he was talking about, i said
" I'm a rectum stretcher.
Cop" What do you mean?
Me " It's when I start with one finger, then two and so on until you have got both hands in there, eventually both arms, keep stretching until its about 6ft"
The cop looked be wildered and said" What do you do with a six foot arsehole?"
I replied " Give him a radar gun, a police bike and sit at a hump back bridge!!!"

Hope you like it....
Watched a friend of mine take the motorcycle test. He was doing great until the end. He pulled up along side the instructor and stopped just like he was told to do. Only one problem, he forgot to put his feet down and fell over. Needless to say he didn't pass. I laughed all the way home with him. I still remind him of this everytime I see him, and that was 15 years ago.
One day I was on patrol in a POLICE car, when a Hayabusa,very similar to mine went past at about 130mph+, I gave chase along with about 6 other POLICE cars. Just when I thought he'd seen the blue lights and heard the sirens, he thumped the throttle and increased the speed to what must have been about 190mph. All of a sudden he just pulled over, I was getting ready to give up. I walked over to the rider, took hold of his licence and said"I've had a long day, i'm just about to finish. If you can give a good excuse for your riding, one I haven't heard before, you can go.
The man said" my wife ran off with a COP last week, I thought you were trying to give her back.......
OK...I had a bad experience! I low sided the busa up in Malibu checking out the ride for the upcoming meet in August. After the low side(she politely let me slide across the road)"Girlfriend"(My bikes name) then did a nasty Highside!

Worst part! Its all on video! So when I think I am the #### I just look at that and remember that I am mortal and so is my "girlfriend" I have to take care of us both!!

Marc "Howlin Mad" :usa:
Marc, Marc, Marc!!!

what are you doin?!?!

you lowsided and then let your little lady try and commit hairy cairy??? what the hell?

This is one video I have to see.

How bad is the damage? Can you have it fixed for the group buy august?
Jester she is already back and better than new!! Yeah it sucked bad!! All behind us now. She has forgiven me and today the road tried to get me with loose gravel in the corner. Front tire slipped just a bit and then stuck like glue. I heard her say "I got you honey, lets roll!"

Marc "Howlin Mad" :usa:

I love her very much...