Full Spectrum? Infra Red/Ultra Violet Camera


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My "Physics Nerd" self heard "full spectrum" camera on an episode of Ghost Hunters.

"Full Spectrum" is not quite true in this application.

This sounded interesting, I started thinking of interesting applications besides the obvious ghost hunting. An initial google search didnt give me much as far as full spectrum cameras.

Finally I found the camera that the Ghost Hunters are using. It is actually a "modified" camera. My initial thought was that the camera was "enhanced" to show the far ends of the spectrum. My optics expert brother(Jim) actually pointed out that most digital cameras ARE already sensitive to some IR and UV, and this company modifies the factory camera to FILTER OUT the visible spectrum. Here is my brother Jim's explanation:

"Most digital camera’s based on silicon technology detectors are sensitive in the IR range and also to the UV range to some degree. You can easily see the IR light coming from remote controls for example with a camera telephone for example (makes for an easy tool to use to see if IR light is coming from a remote control).

I have developed standard camera film (they don’t make much of it anymore!) without taking any pictures on the roll. When the film is developed, the negatives make good red/green/blue filters, allowing only IR or UV to come through the filter. The camera you are looking at basically does the same thing, filter out the RGB colors.
You can purchase various filters to do the same thing…but purchasing the camera “ready to go” is probably better. "

Anyway, I know thermal cameras are used to measure temps for many applications including engines. I plan to purchase this "toy" in the near future. Ill give you a report when I get it.

Here is the link:



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I enjoy taking pictures of nature, cars / bikes, structures, etc. It seems the more money you have to spend the more stuff you end up buying...it is all very cool.

I recall some early hi-8 recorders having some unexpected results...almost a x-ray / airport security-ish like playback when using the night vision during the day due to design flaw / beneift.

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