Fuel system cleaner


Seen a write up by brocks performance about wynns power charge fuel system treatment anybody ever heard of it or has anyone ever used a fuel system cleaning thought I would try it out see if it does anything thanks
all these cleaners do is break down the gum etc that forms with some fuels and as a result of water or condensation.....isopropanol is far cheaper and does the same job and is the active ingredient in most cleaners.
They is also an issue if used in too high a concentration as this can alter the exhaust temperature which can cause soot or overheating of the lambda sensor and on occasion the spark plugs.........both items are designed to work at a certain temperature range and altering the fuel in any way changes the exhaust gas temp....................regular small amounts is the best option.
A reliable source of fuel is your best solution and avoid fuel stations with a low turnover of vehicles as their fuel is more likely to be in older underground tanks which are more prone to dirt and other contaminants.
Ignore the hype about power or performance gains on some products...numerous tests have proved nothing...may as well just buy fuel with the money.

I would add some to the tank a few days before putting the bike into winter storage or after sustained wet & cold weather.
well I ordered some of the stuff from brocks... couple of us are splitting the cost... ill let you know if I feel a difference
I use seafoam to clean the combustion system of my car and works really great, but never tried it in my bike. Maybe I would try this product first with my wife car and will see the result, at least it's not my car...:laugh:
I've used Seafoam in the past and I'm currently using Berryman's B-12 Chemtool. I use a quarter of a bottle every few fill ups. I'm not trying to clean a clogged fuel system, just trying to keep it clean. That said, the first time I used Berryman's B-12, I noticed an improvement in MPG by about 4mpg. I never saw an increase in mpg after using Seafoam.