fuel station a.hole


im on my way home from work and have to pull in for fuel(nothing new there then). anyway four or five kids are giving the bike the once over , didnt think much of it cos the busa usually attracts that kind of attention, so i get back on her and start riding home. approx 1 mile down the road i come to a set of lights,red thankfully, put foot down on road and almost went over.the little f*ckers took the oil filler cap off..... could have been alot worse if lights were green ,as poop loads of oil was over back tyre.
..just play a drum-roll on their heads next time you pull over to this station.. ..they sure as hell WILL try and do it again..
That's freaked up...Didn't have any business touching your bike...
that could have been dangerous

it happend to me
but don't know how the cap was lost but i started to fell my leg becoming warmer and warmer and then hot until i stop at a red light and saw all the oil spewed on my jeans. I was 2 min from home
my boots and leathers were covered in oil.
me missus would'nt even let me in my own house when i finally got home. I thought they went for that shiny leather look???