Fuel pump ?



I need some help!! I ride a 99 busa with 26000 miles I have
slip ons, pc2, airbox mode. I can ride my bike like a normal
persons and it will run fine, but if I ride like I do, I die out like
I'm not getting any fuel, I've changed the fuel filter TWICE
plugs, and all seems to be Ok, does the 99 have a bad fuel pump is there a way to tell if the fuel pump is going bad or do I just spend the money for one? I'll be riding in 1st gear, and nail it about 3500rpm and it will starve itself, or I can be riding
about any speed any gear high rpm and punch it and BOOOGG
untill I let up and go slow with the throttle. Problem here in Dallas Texas cant seem to find any one who knows, 3 dealers
here have even told me there is no fuel filter!! So I have to figure this out my self, also if anyone knows of someone who can remap my bike with the pc2 that would be great!!! Thanks
One thing you might want to check is your fuel line. See if it is kinked or pinched, under hard acceleration you might over draw the supply.
You could disconnect the pc2 and run the motor with the stock ECM to see if theres a problem with the pc2 modual.
before you spend money on the fuel pump. (just a thought)

I've had this ploblem for maybe the last 5000 miles or so,
brought it to a dealer, had the valves adjusted, they said get a PC2, had that put on april of 02 and remapped twice, stil the same ploblem, I have unhooked thePC2 same thing,I found a dude in Dallas that use to drag a 99, said it maybe the fuel screen in the tank, had a recall on some 99's for this my vin# missed it by only a few hundred, I think this is in the
circulating pump inside the tank! Had the dealer call Mr. Suzuki, I'll keep busa people posted!!
I have the same problem. . my bike has 33k miles on it and the first time it did it was about a month ago. I was in 6th gear at about 180mph and rolled off the throttle and then back on and it wouldn't accellerate.
now its getting worse It will do it now in 1st gear if i roll off and on the throttle.
exhaust and air filter are the only mods.
anyone have any ideas??

Hangman, I've think I've nailed the problem!!
I had a dealer call Mr. Suzuki, do some bicthin
and now he's going to put a "fuel pump stage #2 kit" in it, and also a petcock,with screen kit , for a beer
said it'll take 6 hours
so I should have the bike running and on the road next Thursday 25th, 5 day wait on the parts, I'll keep you posted!


well I found out 2 things.
1 the fuel pump is junk. I had to make a banjo fitting to "t" into the outport of the fuel pump. they have a bolt in the port wow 12psi. just enough to keep it running. fuel filter screen was clean.
another thing was the valve noise when it was cold.
valve adjustment was right on.
the cam timing is alittle off. 1/8 of a tooth. nothing I can do with it but put a new cam chain on. ( 33,000 hard miles on motor)
2) cam chain tentioner. ( newest style ) wont keep adjustment. chain is moving ALOT. took tentioner apart.
teeth look ok. just really shinny.
well shoot looks like I wont make the race this weekend,

wmrra #800
I had air in the system when I checked the fuel pressure the first time. the reading was 40 psi and holding.
does anyone know if the fuel regulator is adjustable or not.
would 3 psi low cause problems., I didn't have it running (timing chain and tentioner needed still) will the reading be that much different with it running?