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So my 99 has had a trashed body since I got it. My uncle in Denver found me new skins and a tank from an 01. Knowing it was an 01 and him saying the pump was there, I went ahead and aquired the parts I would need to make it work. Now that I actually have it here in Illinois I see the tank has had the whole pump assembly removed.

So what are my options? Is there a way to still use the external fuel pump without purchasing the dang thing? I have not removed the old tank yet, so I apologize if this is a stupid question.
Your best bet is to upgrade to the newer style pump. It is a pretty easy conversion.

You will need a pump assy, bolts, o-ring, fuel line, and either new style fuel rail, or just the fitting. Everything is just remove and replace. You will have to convert the wiring to the new style. That is not difficult either.

The newer style pump is much better, because it is in the tank, in the fuel helps keep it cool. The early pumps work troublesome


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i have a plate you can mount to the bottom of the new tank and still use your external pump. you will need to use clamps unless you get barb fittings. email me below for more info and pics. can ship today. i even have one with petcocks so you can turn fuel off...
brand new...over 600. The few I have found online that are used are over 100.

I just want to get the beast running for the summer at this point...so the fuel gauge working really isn't an important issue right now. I am just highly aggravated and out of money. lol

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