fuel pump not working


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This is kinda funny...

Last night I'm working on my busa in the garage. currently I have my clutch assembly out of the engine. I have an order in with Greg for some more electro gadgets so I figured I would clean up some of my wirring in the mean time. Back in Sept I had my ECU modded to raise the rev limit, change the soft rev, and got rid of the speed restrictor. So I'm looking at the modded GPS I have in my bike and figured it was a good time to swap in an unmolested one. I disconnected it from the wirring harness and was having trouble getting the wires pulled through from one side of the engine to the other. To make my life easier I figured I'll take my gas tank out so I can get to all of the wires. To lesson the chance of a mess I grabed a fuel can, disonnected the return fuel line I figured I'll make sure I drain out all of the fuel before I disconnect the fuel lines.

I set everything up so once the fuel pump kicks on it's allow the fuel to flow right into the aux can. I turn the key to on and guess what.... no fuel pump! :banghead:

I checked the fuse I have for the fuel pump and all is ok. I checked the master fuse and it's also ok. Now I get out my multimeter and check the relay and it's not getting any power. ??? Hmm kickstand is down, tip over switch is fine, bike is in neutral, engine kill is set to on... what the hell :banghead: Bad pump maybe? So with a seperate battery I jump the fuel pump and it kicks on and runs fine. So all the fuel is out and I removed the fuel tank. I'll get back to the pump issue later.

As I'm looking down at the engine and the wirring I had to laugh and walk away. :rofl: Now I know why the pump was working! :thumbsup:

Any thoughts????

The GPS sensor wasn't hooked up to the harness and it wasn't even connected inside the clutch area...

Hows my ECU to know it's really in neutral? :rofl:
:moon: Once in a great while even the "greatest" wrenches have a flub...and that's a darn funny one too !!! Lever to neutral, stand down, clutch in, kill switch good, and no nothing......"wonder why" ???? :oldcool: