Fuel pump advise


Hey guys, new to forum and Hyabusa's. Bought an 06 woth 4k miles and had been sitting for a long time.. So looking for advise on part # and brand of fuel pump. Got a bone stock (as far as I can tell) 2006 1300r has 4000 original miles. Crank no start. This bike has been sitting for 80% of its life and has a story to it. Long story short, it has no codes, fresh oil change, fresh battery, cleaned and gapped plugs, good spark, 12volts and good solid ground to fuel pump, etc... pulled tank and swapped tanks with a used mint inside tank. No rust at all to speak off. Fuel pump assembly was nasty, previous owner had piles of boxes of new and used parts. Bike was layed down a long time ago. Found a new fuel pump in the boxes. Dissasembled fuel pump assembly and cleaned all parts with a heated parts cleaner. All came out looking like new. Made all new wiring and installed fuel pump. Brand unknown. Put all back together and in bike after checking contacts with fluke meter. All had good continuity and sender unit working as it a should. Fresh gas and no start. Pump is making noise and priming but checked fuel pressure and nothing. Thinking cheap pump. Read alot of posts and so on but rather hear it from you all. Some tips and tricks on install would be great also. Looking for quality fuel pump and/or pump kit for a stock Busa. I'm excited to get it running and back on the road and looking forward to it's first ride in a long time. Thank you in advance and safe travels.
Fuel pumps seem to plenty and under $100 for the pump/filter etc...so most likely going to go that route. Just need advise on part # and brand and tips on this "mod." Almost forgot, also looking for stock tail light assembly, right side riders footrest, and right side passengers footrest assembly (the peice with the 2 bolts bolted to the subframe is broken off)
Thank you for your response. Couple things I'm confused on though. Thread talked about drilling a hole, do you know exactly where and why this is needed? Also add a inline fuel filter, I get that but where do u connect the ends to? Does the inline filter go in the tank or outside the tank?
Thank you both for the replys, I do appreciate it being new and all to these bikes, it's a learning process. If you have pics where to drill and size, that would be very helpful. As for the pump, I ordered a new one. Quantum made in California with new regulator o-rings, bushing etc...I hope this is a quality pump, made in the USA so it should be. So the only question besides the drilling part I have is this bushing looks different than what was on there originally. The original one is a plastic fitting and the new bushing that comes with the new pump looks rubber like a tubular seal I guess to describe it. So I'm guessing this goes between the pump and plastic filter housing correct?
It is most likely the OEM filter, or the injectors are plugged, and last Cranking voltage at the battery Must be over 12 volt during crank!
Just went thru same thing bought 2007 bike with 217 miles was wrecked a week after purchase. Cranked would not start replaced fuel pump drilled hole in fuel filter and added external fuel filter, still would not start pulled injectors checked spray pattern during cranking no fuel flow thru injectors. Cleaned injectors with carburetor spray & hose hooked to injectors while activating injectors with battery charger. Installed injectors to rail tested again and had nice spray pattern now runs great.
I had no fuel pressure according to Guage I hooked up so we will see when new pump arrives. Had 12.4 volts to fuel pump while cranking so that is good. As for the injectors, after pump install, we will see if starts and runs, if not I will remove and clean injectors. It will start and die with carb clean down throttle bodies so I'm certain it's a fuel issue.
Well, got the new pump kit, drilled out hole, new pump, bushing, regulator, fuel injection line and inline filter following Chrisjp thread. Nothing really hard about it so I was feeling good about getting this thing running. Turn key buch of times to prime. Pump is loud and clear for 3 seconds and nothing. Got it to cough and die as usual with some carb clean in intake. Put my pressure tester on at pump outlet. Goes to only 10 psi and drops to 0 after priming so even if injectors were an issue, it only has 10 psi and should be 43 psi. So thinking either another bad pump which is unlikely 2 in a row is bad, or thinking pressure is getting lost in pump somewhere. Has new bushing on pump to black plastic housing, new o-ring on new regulator and checked black plastic housing for any defects/cracks etc and looked OK and blew compressed air in black plastic housing plugging one of the holes and confirmed drilling hole was a good idea. Seemed to have better flow when I did that last time. I'm at a loss. Is there a pump screw or something that u turn to turn up the pressure??? I dought it but figured I'd ask. Help!!! I know this a nice bike but my Victory has been starring at me thing whole time saying, ride me, I'm always dependable!!! Love that bike!
When pump is priming the pressure will be on then off. It will not read full pressure until running. Clean injectors to rule them out. Then look for kinks in fuel lines while tank is down. Might have to take off a fairing.