fuel problems?


Hi guys, had a problem yesterday. bike stops while riding. feels like there is no petrol goin into the engine. i turned off the engine for a while, restart only for the engine to stall after few minutes.have checked all the fuel hose and nothing seems to be the problem. bike seems ok after lifting up and putting down the fuel tank. did not ride for fear of bike stalling in middle of nowhere. anybody has had the same problem? please help.
thanks bigjohn! thats what i thought initially but wasnt really sure...do petrol leave residue large enough to clog up the holes?
Only guessing, no previous experiences. Electrical connections to the fuel pump. Checking for an intermittent connection.
Can check Deal Mode codes for any errors for sensor malfunctions.
I've had the Fuel pump off the tank. It's appears bullet proof. I'd doubt it's faulty. There's test in the Service manual using a Volt/Ohm meter checking resistance on it's windings. Done at the electrical connector without removing the pump.
Can hear the pump charge up the system when first turning the ignition on and before cranking the engine. It's the buzz sound that lasts few seconds then shuts off when pressure is built up.

The plastic fine mesh filter on the pump sits at the bottom of the sump. Every bit of grud in the tank would finds it's way into the sump.

Reason for Edit: "Assuming this a Fuel tank with fuel pump inside it."|1118044391 -->
How about a clogged fuel filter?
I'm with the last two on this one.... One other remote possibility is the fuel tank breather hose being obstructed.
Lift the tank and pull the fuel line off the throttle bodies and turn on the key. Does gas squirt out?
went for full check up and problem solved! it was a clogged up fuel injector and fuel pump....
thanks all for the suggestions.