I have a 2000 model Busa with Micron slip-ons and no fuel injector programer. The throttle response is a little abrupt at real low rpm in first gear or when pushing hard through the twisties. I just put on a TFI control box on my VTX1800 cruiser and it works great! Easy installation, just set it at the recommended settings and all is well. If I take it off, it reverts back to stock programming. If i want to tune some more I just turn some dials (It works from the same tuning principals as carbs). Has anyone tried this box on a Busa? How did it work? I'm nervous about working with a Power Commander. Having to download maps off the net is a bit too high tech for me! Also concerned about fouling up the stock programing and not being able to reset it back to stock with the Power Commander. Just looking for some good advise. THANKS!
The power commander is one the best tuning tools i've ever used.It's simple and dynojet has tech support.Believe me i'm no computer whiz,but the software walks you through everything.As far as hurting the stock computer, it can't. It piggybacks off of your stock cdi box so if their is a problem you just unplug all your connections and the bike will run off the stock cdi map. I believe that 1999-2001 busa's had a 16bit processer for the fuel injection which makes bike kind of jerky,2002 and up have a 32bit processer that gives the bike better manners. hope i could of any help.