Fuel guage?


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Twice in the last 3 weeks when I started my 08 the gas light was on, and the gas needle was completely in the red, the needle hadn't moved up at all. There was around half a tank or more both times.
I turned the key off and back on and the guage read fine, I've had no other issues before or since.
Strange. I hate having hit and miss problems as they're so hard to hunt down.
Any ideas, or anyone else ever had this happen?
I also have HIDs, but the rest of the guages have always worked properly every time. So I can't belive the HIDs would have anything to do with affecting the fuel guage alone.
The fuel pump primes every time and the bike has always started and ran just fine.
The first time this happened I thought it was just a fluke, but after it did it again yesterday it has me wondering. It's more that I want to know why than being concerned about the guage not working.???
Thanks for any input.
Never experienced it on either of my Gen II's, but I have heard of it once or twice. Have you tried a search here on the org?
I hate to do it, but I'm gonna blame the HIDs. If it continues to happen you might check your routing, or try shielding. Of course this is just a wild azz guess.