fuel filter opened


i have a 2004 , 2 yrs ago over 6000-7000 RPM it dogged bad,so i removed tank and pulled out filter assembly and cleaned pick up screen since you cant clean the filter,ran good for last 2 yrs.well last week i felt the hesitation again,so i ordered a new filter and installed it today,so after i decided to look at old filter,cut the casing apart which is really thick,heres what the filter looked like,the end is beat up from screwdriver...

Do you have a link for the filter assembly? I cleaned up the small basket filter at the bottom and had no idea the black housing contained that. Even though I flushed the hell out of it with carb cleaner I think next I'd like to replace what you did.
I purchased mine through motosport.com from the oem parts list,the cost was $290.. You can get for a few dollars less if you look but i didnt want to mess around and usually purchase from them with other parts...

Well got to take ou for first spin with new filter...let me say......woooo hoooo the power is back..lol...well worth getting a new one.

And the old filter had 50,000 miles on it...also when opening filter some sludge also came out on the board i was working on...
Yea saw justin was cheaper after the fact,i didnt want to use a dremel because the jig saw was closer..lol...sorry didnt catch your post on fuel filter,good pics,..but so worth getting a new one...:thumbsup:
Yuck, them are some cruddy filters. When my Gen 2 hit about 24,500 miles I felt the edge go off the top end. "Warp drive" was suffering, power lifts not up to par. I pulled the assembly and back flushed the heck out if it with brake parts cleaner (allot of junk came out ~white grains. Put the assembly back in and ran better but still not perfect. Then I saw E Zurcher "autopsy" write up & decided to buy a new filter. This spring, I had the typical full tank & fuel stabilizer in it, after thinking about the brown residue on the filter in the photo that E posted, I ran some Lucas injector cleaner through it as a last dich effort (had to empty the tank to pull the pump) not to clean infjectors, but to remove residual build up on the filter mesh that the back flush may have missed, thinking that it must scrub small Ø openings. I am very glad to say that it seems to be back to 100% on the seat of the pants meter. I am now a believer in the Lucas treatment, always a skeptic about "snake oil"... I'm thinking with today's "crap" fuel blends it might be a good idea to backflush about every 10-15000 miles and run the Lucas through. keep the corn out... Just FYI.