Front wheel IG (intergranular) corrossion

Just had my front tire changed and was trying my best to clean the brake and road crud off the wheel and noticed the dreaded bubbling...there are three or four blisters coming up about dime size next to the centerline of the wheel, indicative of intergranular corrossion under the powder coat. Its an 05 LE. I dont have enough money to be looking at a new set so i need to either find a black front wheel with a polished lip or dress it out and paint it. What should i do? Since its intergranular, could i milk a new one out of Suzuki? (Ha In my dreams).


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willing to bet most people don't know what that is. also, did you mean inter or intra? not that it makes a huge difference, you'll still need a new wheel either way. maybe grab a nice set of cz's.


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I'd say to check it well before getting a new wheel...... that's a lot of money if its just surface corrosion

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