Front Wheel Drag....Thoughts??


Howdy all,

Since buying my 06 busa last year, I have noticed the front wheel dragging somewhat. After removing the front wheel to put on a new tire, I have noticed it dragging a bit more. It would spin some with a bit of inertia though. I have just put new pads on (after having the master cyl opened and removing some fluid) and now I can turn the wheel, but it does not spin freely. It stops soon after I let go. Note, the previous owner has laid the bike down a couple times.

What could be causing this? How much spin should I get out of a front wheel? Is it safe to ride with a stiff front wheel? I can still move it around, just not so easily when pushing it uphill....I am short!

EDIT: Wheel spins forever and freely without calipers on. Drag is mostly in the clutch side caliper...

From my experience, the front will only spin 1-2 rotations, especially with new pads. I have read many threads making the same claim.
Clean the caliper piston's that are exposed under the brake pads, the built up brake dust is not allowing the the piston's to completely retract