Front Stand Question


Should I put the bike on the front stand before the rear. I have it on the rear stand but I'm not sure. It's seems that it would be a better angle if I put the front on first. I don't want to tip her over so that is why I am asking.

They are the Handy stands.

TO expand on my answer... Front fork stands would have the bike balanced on the fork tips. Not wide enough apart to be stable and not very stable anyway when the bike is being moved around, as in putting it up on the rear stand. You'd dump the front off the stands guaranteed.

With the triple clamp stands you'd be trying to balance the bike on the pivot point where the pin goes in. That wouldn't be stable either without the rear stand already in place. If it swayed either way it would dump.

Not a good idea at all in my opinion. Also, Pit Bulls come with warning notes not to use their front stands without the bike being on a rear stand.

Thanks. That is what I thought but never hurts to ask. I guess I was a little timid with it.

Again thanks,

Yeah, I think the front would go up so much easier if it went first. I know for a fact that the triple lift would go in easier if you could do the front first. Putting the rear up first transfers some weight to the front and the front drops a little. Makes getting the triple lift pin in a pretty touchy situation. Not much room between upper fairing and fender. I don't see how folks with lowered busas could ever get the triple lift pin in there...

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