Front Spring Pre-Load Adjustment


Okay, broke out the trusty owner's manual this weekend to set my suspension up. Did as it said to get a "stiff" setup. Did it all, bike rides a hell of a lot better, but something just doesn't make sense to me.

When adjusting the front spring pre-load, it says to have six lines showing for a stiff set up. To do this, you have to turn the nut counter clockwise. Well, the engraved letter says that way is "S" and clockwise is "H". Now, I assume S means soft and H means hard, so if that is true, why turn it towards soft for a stiff ride? I guess the S could mean stiff, but then what the hell does H mean?

An explanation from a busa-jedi would be appreciated.


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sounds like yer dealing with 2 different things there . sounds like you've set yer pre load, and now yer describing an adjustment for damping. The first thing I'd do is adjust yer sag . This is different for everyone ( 'cause we all weigh in different ). There's a few really cool sites out there for suspension tuning . I'll see if I can hook ya up . Motorcycle suspensionn tuning is an art . A real art . Sit tite...see what I can find .

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the slot/screw on top of your fork is the the preload. Where the flat head screw driver goes. Look a little past that and you will see a big bolt. That is what you will need to adjust your sag. Took care of mine this afternoon.

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