Front rotors


I have a 2001 Hayabusa with just over 7000 Miles on it. On a ride today one of my friends noticed the front rotors were pitted. It looks like there may have been some air bubbles in the casting. Has any one else experienced this, and if so did you contact the dealer?
I have a 2000 and just looked at my rotors. I didn't find any pitting or anything out of the norm.
I have had rear brakes go from perfect to toast in 200 miles, and suzuki ( in their unexplainable wisdom ) only wanted to replace the rotors. The dealer ( Honda Northwest, Columbus, Ohio- remember this ) never even took the calipers apart and then never bled the brakes or adjusted the chain or locked the tensioner nuts. My fronts still drag a bit when i'm rolling the bikeand i keep CLOSE watch on them but no grooves or pitting yet. if the defect is in the rotor then kick suzuki's ass and make them do something. the main Bobo is Richard Coleman, as he is a bit slippery. Suzuki has been a PAIN in honoring or acknowledging their part in most of my issues. Why do they treat the Flagship bike like they could care less what people think about the quality?
If you're looking for cheap replacements, I have a front pair removed this winter and replaced with wave rotors. I have no immediate use for them and would entertain offers. They are in great shape and have 4000 miles (1 season) on them. No pits and no grooves. Sorry, no pads. I threw them out.