Front rotors on my 02 Busa

I noticed while washing my Busa a ring on the rotor was alittle loose my left hand side
So I guess my stupid question is Im going to need new rotors???

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The rings ( buttons ) are semi floating ( not fixed ) on the Busa , so they move across when the caliper bites . They are semi , not full floating buttons ( which chatter like example some Brembo or Braketech rotors ) , so there should be only some movement , not real loose though .
How does it compare to the other buttons ?
There is luckily a great selection of aftermarket rotors for Busa , looking at your avatar , Gen 1 be what you are needing and in stainless steel ?
I think @jeffgordons24 scored a nice set of Italian made 'Braking' wave rotors for his Gen 1 , you could contact him about those .
I believe EBC make 2 types , one is full drilled rotor , the other there wave type .
You could check Galfer out , @c10 has had good results from his well tested set .
Brembo do a nice stainless rotor , but full floater , which can be noisy of course , but are real classic beauties .
There are others that lean toward exotic and big $ , but any of the above are solid performers , with good expectation for wear and general longevity .
Your bike certainly looks to be special bro , good luck and really search around once you have had decided on your choice of manufacturer .
If you want performance do consider full floating rotors. Yes they rattle. Yes you need to take them off to properly balance a tire. But I did notice an improved stopping distance and much better stopping in corners. For really great rotors. Cast iron is the way to go. Other than the rust issue

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