Front fender??


So I am retarted.  I have never used the disc lock until yesterday and forgot it on this morning and rolled back and smash there goes a big chunk out of the front fairing.  I was pi$$ed. I was wondering were I could get a new one?? Any info?
Sorry dude.  I am sitting here laughing my azz off.  Let it be known though I am laughing because I did the same thing back in 1997 on my three day old Blackbird.  I thought how can anyone be this stupid.  The difference is I didn't tell anyone until now.  Thanks though, the truth has set me free.  I feel I owe you for this lifted burden.  So I went to Ebay and found 2 for you.  I can tell you a new one from your friendly Suzuki dealer will cost you $197.52 plus tax. For that price you have several colors to chose from. I just replaced one on a bike.
Sorry to hear about your misfortune but atleast you didn't drop the bike. Or did you?
Hey, don't feel lonely! I did the same thing on my '93 vfr when it was a couple of months old. I gassed it hard and it slammed down on the right side between my feet. I was thinking, what the hell happened? Then I remembered I left the disc lock on. Broke the footpeg and scratched up my right-side plastic. You live long enough, you'll do something stupid!
No I did not drop it. I just started rolling back out of the garage and heard a loud snap. I was like what the he!! was that. Then I remembered and was just like ahhhhhhhhhh!!!
No problem. I only know the cost of a new one because mine was knocked over by kids this weekend. The insurance is paying for it. No one was hurt. Crunch boo hoo!!!!