Front fairing removal.....Help


Ok, time has come to get rid of those amber turn signals, and install my clear ones from Clear Alternatives. I took a look at the front fairing, and was wondering if anyone has advice on removal? Do I need to take off the 2 side fairings as well, or is there something I'm missing? Thanks!

its easier if you remove the sidefairings, the inner panels, and the one on the bottomside of the nose, the windscreen, then the mirror bolts, grab it near the mirror mounts, spread apart and move forward to release...

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YEP YEP ! Make sure you disconnect the headlight and turn signal connectors befofe you start to pull .
Hey wait a minute. If you're really MacGyver you should be ablt to make new turn signals out of wire, toothpaste and an old bottle of vodka.......Wait again, maybe I'm thinking of the other MacGyver.

Like twisted said.